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Market Intelligence
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How we rank companies

June 2018 | Video

VIDEO: John A. Boselli, CFA, portfolio manager of John Hancock U.S. Growth Fund, discusses a key aspect of the fund’s investment research process: interviews with company management. Applying a consistent structure to these meetings and their evaluation, John and his team rank what they take to be the top 200 management teams and investment opportunities in the United States.

Mapping the global economic cycle

June 2018 | Video

VIDEO: John A. Boselli, CFA, portfolio manager of John Hancock U.S. Growth Fund, discusses the global cycle index, a proprietary research tool developed at Wellington Management. As John explains, the global cycle index aggregates and analyzes a variety of macroeconomic indicators in order to track investors’ risk appetite and guide sector allocation decisions.

John Hancock Small Cap Core Fund

June 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Bill Talbot, CFA, senior portfolio manager of John Hancock Small Cap Core Fund, provides an overview of the fund’s investment philosophy and process.

Is the bull market over?

June 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Wondering whether the bull market may be approaching its natural end? Bill Talbot, CFA, portfolio manager of John Hancock Small Cap Core Fund, offers his view on the sustainability of the market’s long advance. With a focus on estimated upside potential for John Hancock Small Cap Core Fund’s portfolio holdings, and judging from the relative plenitude of attractive investment ideas in the small-cap market today, Bill and his team conclude that the current cycle may be far from over.

International Growth Fund update

April 2018 | Conference Call Replay

Laura Howenstine, Investment Director at Wellington Management, shares her latest thoughts on the market environment and how those views are reflected within John Hancock International Growth Fund.

Active share and mutual fund performance

April 2018 | PDF

The development of active share in the mid-2000s offered a potentially forward-looking view into a fund’s performance prospects and, as a result, it has become an increasingly popular metric for investors. Head of Investments Leo M. Zerilli, CIMA, discusses the definition and origin of active share and its benefits and limitations as a predictor of fund performance.

Market Intelligence Call Replay

April 2018 | Conference Call Replay

Market Strategist Matthew D. Miskin, CFA walks through the findings of our research and discuss what our network of asset managers is saying about the outlook for the global economy and markets.

Disciplined Value Fund quarterly update

April 2018 | Conference Call Replay

David J. Pyle, CFA, portfolio manager at Boston Partners, shared his latest thoughts on John Hancock Disciplined Value Fund and the broader market environment.

Global Market Outlook

April 2018 | PDF

John Hancock Asset Management's Chief Economist Megan E. Greene and Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation Robert M. Boyda share their views on the global economy and the opportunities ahead. Bob and his asset allocation colleagues manage our three suites of target-date funds for retirement investors.

A closer look at John Hancock Value Equity Fund

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: John Hancock Value Equity Fund seeks to identify undervalued companies that offer a higher dividend yield than the broad U.S. equity market. Portfolio Manager Mark Giambrone outlines his investment philosophy and why he believes the fund’s approach to value stock investing offers benchmark-beating potential over time.

Value perspective: the underappreciated opportunity in Sallie Mae

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Portfolio Manager Mark Giambrone describes how the stock of Sallie Mae exemplifies his value investment philosophy. Given the long-term prospects of this company’s market-leading franchise and the credit features particular to student-lending stocks, Mark offers an estimate of Sallie Mae’s stock performance potential.

Value equity update: unique opportunities, unique concerns

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: In the wake of recent volatility, value opportunities have proliferated in select areas of the U.S. equity market, according to Mark Giambrone, portfolio manager of John Hancock Value Equity Fund. Mark contrasts areas where the markets appear to him to be overvalued—among the so-called FAANG and RUST stocks—with areas that he believes offer more compelling opportunities for investors.

Don’t lose sleep over tariffs and trade wars

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: The recent push by the White House to levy punitive tariffs on global trading partners—as well as the talk of starting a trade war by President Trump—is unlikely to derail the U.S. economy, according to Emory W. (Sandy) Sanders, Jr., CFA, senior portfolio manager of John Hancock Fundamental Large Cap Core Fund. In the big picture of economic conditions today, Sandy believes that a strong U.S. consumer, a rising housing market, and a robust financial system should far outweigh any negative impact from tariffs and trade tensions.

General Electric: a contrarian view

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: There has been a steady drumbeat of negative news on General Electric, but investors who’ve soured on the stock may be missing the forest for the trees. Despite the unfavorable coverage and Wall Street analyst downgrades, it would be a mistake to run from this stock, according to Emory W. (Sandy) Sanders, Jr., CFA, senior portfolio manager of John Hancock Fundamental Large Cap Core Fund. In this video, Sandy discusses his view of this resilient Fortune 500 conglomerate and why he thinks its core businesses will power its eventual recovery.

Taking a disciplined, bottom-up approach to international equities

February 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Boston Partners’ Portfolio Manager Christopher K. Hart, CFA, describes how he and the team at John Hancock Disciplined Value International Fund seek to build an international equity portfolio that exhibits strong business fundamentals, positive business momentum, and attractive relative valuations. Each element of Boston Partners’ three-circles approach to investing is critical to the team’s bottom-up security selection and to the firm’s emphasis on consistency of stock portfolio construction.