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Equity long/short as a core allocation

March 2018 | PDF

Long/short strategies are likely to become a more integral part of the average investor’s mainstream equity allocation and less of an esoteric outlier. Keith H. Van Etten, CAIA, CFP, CIMA, founder of Van Etten Consulting, explains why.

The new tax law and your financial plan

January 2018 | PDF

Beyond the reductions in tax rates for corporations and individuals, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 ushered in changes to a number of popular savings vehicles. Jeff Duckworth, President of Intermediary Distribution at John Hancock Investments, reviews some of the changes and their potential impacts.

ESG research: the new cornerstone of emerging-market investing

October 2017 | PDF

A deep understanding of ESG issues has become indispensable for investors in emerging markets. Members of Boston Common Asset Management discuss the proliferation of investment opportunities linked to ESG criteria.

Is now the time for baby boomers to put retirement assets at risk?

October 2017 | PDF

How will this bull market cycle end? And when? No one knows. Find out why baby boomer plan participants should consider a preservation-oriented target-date fund glide path today.

Debt or equity? In emerging economies, it’s been a tale of two markets

September 2017 | PDF

When it comes to emerging markets, many investors think of the space as a high-risk, high-return asset class. But there are important differences between debt and equities, and the former need not be reserved for the adventurous of heart. Stone Harbor Investment Partners' James E. Craige, CFA, takes a closer look.

Four reasons to consider small- and mid-cap international stocks for active allocations

August 2017 | PDF

The small- and mid-cap segments of today’s international equity markets offer strong potential for superior risk-adjusted returns as well as enhanced portfolio diversification, according to Boston Partners’ Christopher K. Hart, CFA, and Joshua M. Jones, CFA, portfolio managers of John Hancock Disciplined Value International Fund.

Why risk management grows more crucial as investors retire

June 2017 | PDF

As a portfolio transitions from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase, the magnitude and timing of market volatility matter much more. Keith H. Van Etten of Van Etten Consulting explains why risk management becomes indispensable as retirement approaches.

Avoiding another taper tantrum: why a cautious stance on agency MBS may be warranted

June 2017 | PDF

The U.S. Federal Reserve is the single largest buyer of agency mortgage-backed securities in the market today. We take a closer look at what could happen when that trend changes course.

Why alternative investments may matter more than ever before

May 2017 | PDF

If the essence of investing resides in risk management, then maintaining a meaningful allocation to alternatives makes sense—especially now. Head of Investments Leo M. Zerilli, CIMA, explains why.

The credit cycle still has room to run

March 2017 | PDF

There’s no denying that the current credit cycle has outlasted the duration of a typical bull market. However, credit cycles don’t simply die of old age, argues Michael C. Buchanan, CFA, portfolio manager and head of credit at Western Asset Management Company.

Four reasons we remain bullish on regional banks

February 2017 | PDF

After enduring a challenging path since the financial crisis, U.S. banks appear primed to outperform following an extended period of low interest rates. In the attached Viewpoints commentary, John Hancock Asset Management's, Lisa A. Welch details why the confluence of a rising interest-rate environment, attractive fundamentals, and continued industry consolidation makes U.S. bank stocks a very attractive investment opportunity in 2017.

ESG investing: a better way to know your borrowers

December 2016 | PDF

The remarkable growth of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing in recent years has been driven in no small part by investors’ desire to better align their portfolios with their personal values. But ESG investing is far more than a values-oriented investment style. Jeffrey Glenn, CFA, co-head of portfolio management at Breckinridge Capital Advisors, shows how ESG investing actually represents a more holistic approach to traditional credit analysis.

As market volatility rises, asset returns fall—but not all

November 2016 | PDF

Correlations have been unstable and trending higher in recent years, reducing the effectiveness of conventional asset allocation. What can investors do? One answer lies outside traditional investment territory, says Keith H. Van Etten, CAIA, CFP, CIMA, founder of Van Etten Consulting.

Where advisors are finding value and performance with ETFs

November 2016 | PDF

The debate over whether investors should use active or passive strategies in their portfolios has generated many opinions but few definitive conclusions—until now. In this piece, John P. Bryson, head of investment consulting, and Michael L. Stephens, CFA, CAIA, portfolio consultant at John Hancock Investments, examine the evidence, which suggests more advisors are blending active and passive approaches together.

Postelection roundup: watch for heightened turbulence and long-term buying opportunities

November 2016 | PDF

The surprise presidential election result in the United States raises a number of questions for investors. Five portfolio managers from John Hancock Asset Management offer their initial reactions.